Dental Exams & Cleanings

Having regular dental exams and cleanings is important for adults, but it’s critical for your kids.

Young bodies grow and develop at a phenomenal rate, and even a small issue can become a major one in a matter of months. Having regular checkups helps to ensure your kids’ ongoing oral health. But it also helps get kids used to seeing the dentist twice a year — a habit that will help protect their oral and dental health throughout their lives.

girl learning to brush teeth during children's dental exams and dental cleanings

The Importance of Dental Care for Kids in Meridian, Idaho

Our overall health depends in many ways on our oral health.

When we develop gum disease or tooth decay, it can degrade overall heath and spread disease throughout the body. In fact, scientific research has linked many chronic conditions to oral health problems.

Having twice-yearly pediatric dental exams and cleanings ensures that any potential problems are addressed quickly, before they have a chance to worsen.

Dental cleanings ensure that tartar and plaque don’t accumulate, which helps prevent gum disease.

These regular appointments also give us the chance to teach kids about the importance of oral health and help them master the proper techniques for brushing and flossing.

Dental Exams

When children come in for their dental exam and cleaning, we typically begin by taking digital X-rays of the entire mouth. This allows the pediatric dentist to check the health of the teeth, identify any existing or potential problems and evaluate growth and development.

Next, the dentist conducts a visual exam of the teeth, gums, tongue and oral cavity.

If the dentist notes any problems or areas of concern, we either schedule treatment or make a note in your child’s chart to monitor the situation and re-evaluate it during the next exam.

Dental Cleanings

After the dentist’s exam, your child will see the hygienist for a routine, preventive dental cleaning, known as prophylaxis.

The hygienist will also conduct a physical exam and review your child’s X-rays. A visual check of the gum tissues will help the hygienist identify areas that may need special attention during the cleaning. This is also a perfect time for the hygienist to talk to the young patient about spending extra time brushing and being sure to floss every day.

Next, the hygienist will descale the teeth to banish tartar and plaque buildup and then polish the teeth as a finishing touch.

If you or your child have questions about oral care, you can ask us at any time during the dental exam and cleaning. Any one of our staff members can get you the answers you need.

In Meridian, Idaho, the pediatric dental team at Cherry Lane Kids Dentistry understands how important regular visits are for your children’s ongoing oral health. We promise to always make these experiences as enjoyable as possible for your kids. Call us today to schedule a dental exam and cleaning for your child.